Allow Me to (RE)Introduce Myself

Finding balance between career demands and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is possible

Hello everyone!  My name is Bessie. I’m a mom of a tween boy who I think loves screen time and his electronic devices more than he loves his mama. I also have a sweet, rambunctious, toddler girl who gives me a run for my money… ALWAYS.  I’m a Registered Nurse by career, but I’ve gained a newfound love and passion for fitness and wellness as a whole.  I’m a devoted lover, mom, daughter, sister, and friend.

One thing I’m not (although I would kind of secretly enjoy) is someone who will perform acrobatic tricks during my workout routine.  Sometimes, I might try them… JUST for giggles and introducing a new challenge here and there. However, I am going to share some of what I love with you all – my life, my kids, my life partner, and of course, my journey to “fitness” both in body and mind.

Scrub Top: Jaanuu
Scrub Pants: Jaanuu
Sneakers: Adidas
Boxing gloves: Century Martial Arts

I have a bad left knee – the source of the injury is unknown… but I do know that it hurts like all hell sometimes. I struggle with residual symptoms of sciatica after two pregnancies. I have 99 problems – and carbs are ALL of them! Blame that on my Ghanaian descent.

I’m notorious for being an over-thinker and an over-planner, but that helps keep me “organized” although the look of my living room might say otherwise (blame the toddler)!

I am thankful for your presence and time reading & viewing my post(s).  I will try to read every comment, and when you all share encouragement and cheer me on from behind your screens it holds me more accountable.  So consider yourselves my partners in this journey. It helps me and I don’t feel like I’m traveling alone.

I hope that in posting, I make you feel like you’re traveling your respective roads with a friend as well. I’m just a normal woman / mom – with normal problems – with normal insecurities and vulnerabilities – with normal hopes, dreams, and desires of the heart. Thanks for following me on this journey!

18 thoughts on “Allow Me to (RE)Introduce Myself

  1. Congrats on this new life long venture and journey. Looking forward to cheering you on, supporting you in way I can and most importantly being continually inspired. Rock on Phenomenal Woman. ❤️🖤💚

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  2. Let’s go Bess!!! You look amazing. I Love this. We are all super proud of your success. Thank you for sharing this journey with us, I’m already inspired.

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    1. Thank you Sandra! I appreciate your support and enthusiasm for this project I’ve undertaken. As long as I motivate someone out there, that’s all I can ask for


  3. Love your hair…..look at you looking all gorgeous with your chocolate self…this is very inspirational and real can’t wait to read more

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