Last Minute Christmas Gifts and Stocking Stuffers for the Fitness Enthusiast

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With Christmas being tomorrow, I’m sure you all have gotten your shopping done, and are just waiting ever so patiently for the time to pass until the big day arrives, right?

Or maybe you’re the exact opposite… you’ve waited until the last minute and now you’re scrambling or still wondering what to get that special someone to celebrate the big day. Well, if that special someone happens to be a fitness lover or gym rat, and you’re fresh out of ideas on what to get them, you’re in the right place and this post is just for you!

I’ve compiled a not so little list of some of the handy-dandy items that a fitness junkie can’t live without… all of which I use or own myself, as they’ve become staples in my fitness journey.

Gym Bag

A new gym bag would be a welcomed gift for anyone who frequents a gym or plays a sport. Owning a great gym bag simplifies prepping for workouts and it allows for easy transport of all the things you need to have a successful gym session. When I choose a gym bag, it has to have some elements of sleekness and style and it can’t be too bulky or boxy in appearance. It has to be able to accommodate EVERYTHING that I carry for my workout sessions and a little more. And the more compartments, the better! This particular one, by Kyodan (pictured, but sold out) that I purchased a few months ago from Sierra is everything I need and more. It’s very feminine and sleek, but it doesn’t skimp on capacity. I’m able to carry literally EVERYTHING I need for my workouts.

From Sierra (sold out – try this)

Boxing Gloves

One way to spruce up one’s workout routine is to try something different. Boxing gives you just that! It’s a way to spice things up, try something unconventional, let out lots of frustration, and get a full body workout at the same time. What better way to do that than with some new boxing gloves? Boxing gloves not only take a pounding, but they can get very sweaty and hold onto odors on the inside. How lucky would it be to find a pair that can also take a good session in the washing machine! If you’re familiar with wearing boxing gloves for a session, you know how disgusting they can start to smell after sweating in them! Yuck! So these Century boxing gloves are a must!

Lacrosse Ball

Working out is great, but when your body takes a beating regularly, sore muscles are a part of the package. The proper recovery tools are a must. Did you know that lacrosse balls aren’t just for playing lacrosse? Lacrosse balls can be used to massage sore muscles all over the body, and better yet, these little tools won’t drain your pockets either! Do you suffer from sore feet / plantar fasciitis? Roll one underneath your sore dogs. Sore thighs? Roll it over the affected area. They’re versatile, inexpensive, and highly effective. I purchased mine on Amazon.

From Amazon

Jump Rope

The jump rope is probably one of the most underrated workout tools on the market. It’s not expensive. It’s lightweight and you can take it practically anywhere to use it practically anywhere . It’s a very efficient way to get a full body workout.

Resistance Bands

Lightweight and portable like the jump rope, but they assist with strength training minus the bulk and weight of actual weights (dumbbells, kettlebells, etc.). Resistance bands come in several varieties too. They may have handles, they may be long, they may be closed-loop or open. They’re also a relatively inexpensive way to kick a fitness routine into the next level.

From Amazon

Water Bottle

We all know that drinking water is one of the essential ways of maintaining good health. It keeps you hydrated. It keeps you feeling satisfied. It improves the condition and appearance of the skin. The list goes on and on. Having the right water bottle is a must! I, for instance, need my water to be the right temperature throughout my entire workout. I need to have a sufficient amount to last my entire workout. Most importantly, I try my absolute best to minimize my plastic usage. Because of this, I’m not a fan of lugging plastic bottled water around. My Takeya water bottle is everything I need. It keeps my water temperature constant for hours. It holds the right amount I need. It allows me to do my part in taking care of the planet by not using plastic. There are countless water bottles on the market, so of course, find whatever best suits your needs.

From Takeya

Weights / Weight Set

Even for the biggest gym rat, there are days when going to the gym may not be feasible, and working out at home may be the answer. For the person just starting out on fitness journey, a set of weights may be all they need to provide motivation. It’s easy to build strength and muscle tone at home and a set of weights will provide just that. There are a variety of dumbbells, kettlebells, weight sets on the market – from traditional metal to neoprene, to plastic – that will also allow for a varied training routine.


Believe it or not, a fresh, new pair of kicks can be a great motivator to begin a fitness routine. That was actually one of the catalysts in my fitness journey. A few years ago my beloved brother heard me mention, over and over, how badly I wanted to get in shape, and just before the new year approached, I had the cutest pair of sneakers show up at my doorstep. Now here we are, a few years later, and I haven’t looked back! So if you know that special someone’s shoe size, take a gamble and drop some coins on some cool sneakers. Just make sure that the footwear matches the activity – wearing the wrong sneakers for a specific workout can cause injury and damage to the feet.

From Adidas


So did you all know that I kinda, sorta have germophobe tendencies? No? Well, now you know! But seriously, when I’m working out, one of the absolute must haves for me is a pair of full-fingered fitness gloves. I like to wear gloves to protect my hands for my hands to always be protected from sweat and germs that may live on gym equipment as well as calluses that may form as a result of lifting heavy weights. A good pair of fitness gloves like these Bionic Gloves will ensure that the fitness lover in your life has hands that remain clean and callus-free.

Wireless Headphones

A poppin’ playlist is so necessary to a good, strong workout session… well, at least it is for me. Thankfully, the gym that I attend has one large central speaker and the music tracks are usually well-selected and compliment the workouts well. However, not everyone has that as an option in their respective training facility. There are also people who opt to do certain workouts in which carrying a speaker would not be practical. The solution? A great pair of wireless headphones / earbuds will do the trick. Just make sure they have great battery life, perhaps a little noise canceling feature, and that they’re waterproof and/or sweat-proof. After all, they WILL be used for working up a sweat. One of the pairs I use can be found here.

From Sony

Travel Sized Toiletries and Personal Care Items

There’s nothing like feeling fresh and refreshed during and after intense workout sessions. Yes, an intense session can make you sweaty and feeling less than glamorous, but one way to be sure that you don’t look or smell like what you’ve been through as a result of a grueling routine is to pack some bare necessity toiletries in your bag. The key is to make sure that they’re portable because, after all, nobody wants to lug more of a load than they need to. Some of the essentials that are always in my gym bag include the following:

Face and Body Wipes

I sweat SO MUCH during my workouts. In addition, I spend a lot of time on the gym floor. I touch the floors and gym equipment – with gloves and sometimes without. After I’m done, one way I ensure that I don’t leave impurities and germs from sweat on my face is to give my face a quick wipe using witch hazel. As seen here, the brand I use is Thayers. It is easily transported and the wipes are individually dispensed, so that makes it super convenient.

From Thayers

I understand that not all gyms or training facilities are equipped with showers. I also understand that a shower may not always be possible after working out… no judgment from me over here. However, what you don’t want is to realize later on that weird odor that you’ve been randomly smelling throughout the day has been coming from you and/or your nether-regions. So having some baby wipes or body wipes of some sort, to give oneself a quick swipe after a workout, does come in handy. They’re also beneficial for emergency bathroom trips in which a person really needs to feel clean. I tend to like these ones by Honest.

From Honest

Once again, feeling fresh and smelling fresh is major, and no one wants to be offensive. I personally think that bad odor and bad hygiene are bad etiquette. A little extra deodorant, like Secret Freshies, in the bag comes in handy just in case you’ve forgotten to apply it before working out… No sweat (see what I did there) if you have one in your bag! . Nothing is more distracting, during a workout, than someone’s B.O. permeating my nostrils. So a travel-sized deodorant to combat this would make a great little gift add-on or stocking stuffer.

From Secret
Lip Balm

Dry lips are annoying. With all the heavy breathing that takes place during a workout session, lips can tend to get very dry. Having some sort of lip balm available to combat dryness is a must. It’s even more important for it to contain SPF for sun protection, and it cannot feel greasy, sticky or waxy. One of the balms that hangs out with me at the gym is this one from Sun Bum.

From Sun Bum

I hope in sharing some of my must have items, this post helped to narrow things down a bit for you and spark some ideas on some essential items that every fitness junkie should have or receive as a gift.

Thanks for reading!

*Please note that this post has not been sponsored by any of the brands mentioned above. All opinions shared are my own.*

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