The Best Run Is a Safe Run

Many times, people work out to gain a sense of freedom, clarity, and an overall notion of feeling good and mood boosting.  No one should ever feel vulnerable or unsafe during a workout.  We all know that having a consistent regimen of daily physical activity is loaded with benefits.  We also know the many excuses [...]

Last Minute Christmas Gifts and Stocking Stuffers for the Fitness Enthusiast

Photo by With Christmas being tomorrow, I'm sure you all have gotten your shopping done, and are just waiting ever so patiently for the time to pass until the big day arrives, right? Or maybe you're the exact opposite... you've waited until the last minute and now you're scrambling or still wondering what to [...]

When Dieting and Exercise Just Aren’t Enough – All You Wanted to Know about Weight Loss Surgery

According to a 2019 study by the CDC, almost half of U.S. adults weigh much more than they should and those extra pounds carry the risk of causing issues that go beyond aesthetics. When a person decides to embark upon a weight loss journey, it can often be triggered by that person not liking how [...]

Fitness Tips for Beginners

Beginning a fitness journey doesn't have to be dauntingPhoto by Febbers Still Scenes Celebrate Your Decision to Become a Healthier You It's important to first be glad that you're taking steps in the right direction. You should be proud of yourself for getting ready to embark on this road. My fitness journey has been about [...]